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Expandable container house

Expandable container house

4 workers can install one unit 20ft expandable container house within 45 minutes. We have already preinstalled the windows, doors, internal partition walls, bathroom facility, plumbing and electricity including wires,outlets, lights and switches in our factory. Our clients just need expand the 2 pitch roofs, put down the floor and install the trims on site. We can ship 2 units in one 40ft shipping container.



1. General life span: 30-40 years life span, steel frame will exist longer, only need to change the wall panel if damaged.

2. Steel frame: 3mm galvanized steel frame for roof structure, 3mm galvanized steel frame for floor structure and columns

3. Dimension (total approximately 37 m2 surface)

Non-expandable size(Closed and ready for ship)

5850mm X 2200mm X 2530mm (L x W x H)

Expandable size

5850mm X 6400mm X 2530mm  (L x W x H)

4. Color 

Standard color for container frame is White Grey (RAL 9002), and it can be customized. The wall panel color is white grey (RAL 9002), it can be customized only when the order quantity is more than 30 units.

5. Weight 

From 2800 - 3200 KG/set

6: Wall Panel

50mm EPS sandwich panel(0.5mm steel sheet+50mm EPS foam+0.5mm steel sheet),the density of EPS   density is 24kgs/m3

6. Floor

3 mm thick steel frame+18mm fiber cement board+1.8mm Vinyl floor 

7. Roof

3mm thick steel frame+1mm corrugated steel sheet as roof covering+50mm sandwich panel ceiling

8. Doors and windows

Entrance door: 1500mmX2000mm double glazed glass door 

Internal door: 800mmX2000mm steel door

Window: 900mmX1100mm double glazed

Bathroom window:500mmX600mm double glazed

9. Complete Bathroom with piping and water plumbing installation (We preinstalled plumbing under the floor and also preinstalled the toilet, shower and washbasin in our factory and you just need to connect the inlet and outlet pipes on site)

10. AS/NZ/UL/CE standard Electricity (We can supply the different standard electricity, and we preinstall the distribution board, wires, electric outlets and switches in our factory, you just need install the lights in the 2 expandable areas on site.) The biggest advantage of our electricity installation is we preinstall the wires in the plastic conduits in the wall panel, so the wires are invisible on the wall panel, it is nice looking and much safer.

11. Shipment: We can ship 2 units in one 40ft shipping container (We preinstall the small wheels under the floor frame, so it is very easy to be unload them from 40ft shipping container.)

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