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Customized Storage Container manufacturers From China

Storage Container
The size of storage containers can be customized with steel roller door or double door.

CS Modular House Customized Storage Container manufacturers FromChina

Container Classroom
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The performance of the product is assessed by third-party professional testing.
Office Container in Kenya
kenya office.
The LED bead of uses the high-performance substrate materials such as silicon that has better heat dissipation performance, which ensures this LED lighting can work for a long time.
2-floor Container Hotel Building
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The product is methodically examined to ensure its quality and durability.
3-floor Hotel Building
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This hypoallergenic product is a masterpiece crafted with durable hems and precise stitching, which makes it excellent longevity.
Best Container Clinic FactoryPrice
Container Clinic/Hospital
Flat Pack Container is the best housing solution for temparary clinic and hospital. So fast to be erected that can meet different urgent medical needs.
Container Classroom
Container Classroom
We can link some units 20ft flat pack containers(15m2) to build big classrooms.
Container Clinic
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The fabric quality testing of has been conducted. The testing mainly includes the aspects of construction weight, fiber content, strength properties, dimensional stability, and flammability.
Workers' Accommodation Project in Doha
DOHA Project.
In general, using this product is the easiest and most effective way to promote a commodity. This is because its use helps to brand this commodity.
Resort Building in Maldives
Resort Building in Maldives
There are 36 units 20ft flat pack containers for this 2-floor building, one resort room has seperate bathroom. Our factory supplied all material such as container house, steel walkway, steel stair and cladding panels etc. One of our engineers is sent to be site to instruct local workers to assemble this building, it took around 30 days to finish this building.
Flat Pack Container for Workers' Accommodation

Flat Pack Container for Workers' Accommodation

Students' Dormitory in South Africa

Students' Dormitory in South Africa

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